Well-Traveled: Global-Inspired Décor Trends To Try

Each person belongs to a specific country or culture, but collectively, we are all global citizens of the widespread contemporary world. We admire the cuisines, arts, and stylistic designs of those close to home and those far, far away. Perhaps, it is a small world, after all. If you’re seeking a fresh perspective on your interiors, we’ve compiled a brief guide of a few global favorites to give a whirl in your humble abode. Here’s how to feel well-traveled: global-inspired décor trends to try.

A Passion for Patterns

Introducing a worldwide vibe into your décor doesn’t call for a firm shaking of hands between two starkly diverse aesthetics. You can feel the collective pulse of the world within the confines of your walls with an amicable medley of patterns and textures. Culture breeds on other cultures—but almost amounts to something else entirely—a sixth sense of wonder and awe, a close feeling of comfort and humanness, and an openness to adventure and contrast that others lack.

Patterns, in particular, showcase eye-pleasing prints and variances that are cohesively stunning and proudly eclectic. Consider handcrafted artisan rugs, bright coastal or organic colors, or key visual interests such as artwork, drapes, blankets, or throw pillows. The patterns of many cultures share a distinct story—be sure to go directly to the source if you choose to incorporate such cultural pieces.

Gorgeous and Genuine Greens

To feel comprehensively well-traveled, a taste of biophilic design is one of the main global-inspired décor trends to try. No matter where we come from, our innate attraction and draw to nature is remarkably universal. In many countries, and especially across Scandinavia, incorporating greenery as décor in every place possible is a refined mainstream movement.

Creating a look either unconventionally-based or entirely unexpected with elements of the outdoors brought inside is a noteworthy means for global design. This favorable trend creates a harmonious, continual dialogue between different cultural aesthetics and elements of exteriors and interiors alike. Consider space, layout, and flow and utilize discontinued and durable natural materials.

Furnishings as Foundations

Achieving an authentic global look is a hundred-to-one without an underlying foundation of one-of-a-kind furniture. The possibilities of global design are truly limitless, but the key to unlocking a put-together appeal is an alluring focal point or statement piece. Your choice of furnishings sets a perceivable theme, one that echoes throughout a room with displayed décor and artful accents.

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