The Dos and Don’ts of Eclectic Style

Some people live and breathe design. For others, it’s a rather minuscule nuisance—like a weight around the ankles. The design preferences of such individuals may oscillate between certainty and doubt. If this sounds like you, and you can’t quite pin down a particular taste to nibble on within your interiors, don’t fear. There’s a playful, curated design aesthetic we declare as the great equalizer: eclectic style.

Eclecticism is a style that's fairly misunderstood, comprised of an orderly hodgepodge of diversified elements. Truth be told, the goals of this style are as follows: eclectic over hectic, and cohesive over chaotic. If your space is screaming for a change and you’re not sure how to fill it, you should view the dos and don’ts of eclectic style to maintain a balance between contrast and chaos.

Do: Ponder Your Negative Spaces

To keep the eclectic style from becoming hectic, you shouldn’t mistake a smaller part of the style as representative of the whole. While eclectic style is a slew of textures, colors, trends, aesthetics, it still adheres to the fundamentals of design. “Anything goes” is not the catchphrase.

Your eye needs clear-cut spaces to rest. If you go overboard, the surrounding space will drown. Don’t be shy but do keep certain spaces empty. Remember, you must consider functionality and utility. You’re living in these spaces and don’t need them to be woefully cluttered for the sake of mere aesthetic.

Do: Mix and Match Textures

Texture is often an afterthought when it comes to design, and we need to change that. Out of the assorted dos and don’ts of eclectic style, a must-do is to mash up varying textures to elevate the overall experience of the design. While texture isn’t the leading character, its supplementary role is no less vital to success. Adding both smooth and rough textures creates ideal interior intrigue. Just be sure to use a texture more than once throughout a room for a cohesive appearance.

Don’t: Be Inconsistent With Room Flow

Working toward balance is the right approach to an eclectic style. Stay focused on the balance you’re creating, ensuring it’s not a mishmash of every style ever dreamed up. Rather, create a design of flux that resonates with your multifaceted personality. Utilize an array of old and new items and dark and light colors for impeccable harmony.

Don’t: Lose Track of a Focal Point

Unique layouts combining styles and periods of furniture and décor should never lack focus. Place an eye-catching element purposefully in the room or accentuate an existing one. A suitable layout requires a striking accent wall, a bigger or bolder decorative item, stunning artwork, or a unique, alluring piece of furniture to bring out the charming aesthetic.

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