The Differences Between Genuine and Bonded Leather

Our choices often dictate our journeys and our lifestyles. How does one live life authentically and to the very fullest? The truth is, you can’t do anything by half. If you choose to unconditionally experience what the world offers, settling for supplementary scenarios is not in the guidebook. Time and again, the alternative offers a lesser experience, a lost opportunity, or an inferior solution. Unequivocally, an incessant need to separate what’s faux from what’s real persists in this world.

With no holds barred, this matter is omnipresent in present-day interior design. One of the most popular upholstery coverings for assorted modern furnishings such as chairs, sofas, and sectionals is leather. Suffice to say, not all leather is made equal. If you want to make an educated purchase for your home’s furniture, you should be aware of the types of leather on the market today. Take a closer look at the following differences between genuine and bonded leather. Let’s break down these terms.

Bonded Leather: Pared-Down Ties That Bind

Within the context of its definition, “bonded” is a strong word, implying an impressive structure or stance. “Bonded” is a past-tense verb conveying the secure joining of one thing to another through heat, adhesive, or pressure. Logically, it would make sense that bonded leather simply refers to pieces of real leather conjoined together. Yet that isn’t quite the verifiable case.

One of the key differences between genuine and bonded leather lies in material sourcing. Also known as reconstituted leather or vinyl leather, bonded leather is not made out of whole skins. Rather, it contains scrap pieces and fibers blended seamlessly together. In reference to an authentic grading scale, bonded leather sits lowest on the list due to its composition of other materials. Furniture consisting of this manufactured upholstery tends to attract consumers for its affordability and its ability to add a sophisticated touch.

Genuine Leather: Bona Fide Grain Caliber

Genuine leather, on the other hand, is exactly as the term implies: authentically genuine. This material is created from entire pieces of hide, so items upholstered in genuine leather tend to have a higher cost for their superior quality. There are two distinct facets of beautiful real leather: top-grain and split-hide. Top-grain leather stems from the top half of a hide, offering smooth, like-butter softness and breathability. Split-hide leather is slightly thicker and thus appealing for the backs and sides of everyday furniture.

The True Difference: Durability and Price Point

The bottom line remains: the differences between bonded leather and genuine leather are like night and day. Bonded leather holds a valuable position in the marketplace, yet it’s subpar to genuine leather’s long-term durability. The choice is certainly up to one’s preferences and mindful cost considerations.

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