Sectional vs. Sofa: Which One Is Right for Your Space?

Sectional vs. Sofa: Which One Is Right for Your Space?

If home is where the heart is, where does it live? Where does it sit down? What room does it wander off to rest? The living room is the beating heartbeat of a home full of whosits and whatsits galore. The strong pillars of the sentient space are the furnishings filling up the room with function, casual comfort, and inherent intimacy.

Even when our temporal bodies are not occupying the sofa or sectional, intangible memories are always sitting there, which is why choosing the right seating or lounging features is a key step to feather your nest. Your seating centerpiece is the marker dictating how the room fluctuates and flows with daily use. Let’s examine both sides of the debate of a sectional vs. sofa: which one is right for your space.

Examine Your Square Footage

A room has at least four walls that frame its dimension and depth of space, but not all square footage is equal. While everyone feels equally pressed for time in our whirlwind of a world, some people are twice as pressed for space. Others have odd layouts that wreak havoc on home traffic patterns.

If this is true for your living quarters—never fear. Sometimes things don’t fit together like perfect puzzle pieces, but rather like soft waves and rough sand. Isn't the flow of the sea stunning, nonetheless? Thoroughly sift through all areas of your square footage to determine what design layout you can make work. Space planning always serves the style of a room—but your living space will dictate its own needs.

Peruse Your Seating Arrangements

When mulling between a sectional vs. a sofa and which is right for your space, keep in mind that the foundation of any living space is built upon your choice of seating. How many people can you comfortably seat? How many would you like to? What style will provide the unrivaled breathing room or entertaining space?

Standard sofas are simplistic with formal, clean lines. These furnishings ordinarily adhere to the rules of symmetry to give off an alluring impression. Sofa loyalists admire their ability to revamp a space over and over again with a single facet of furniture. All the while, additional seating pieces are necessary for a clean, cohesive look.

A sectional sofa is contrarily the swiss army knife of seating—a survival multitool able to accommodate the most asymmetrical of layouts. With one piece of furniture, you can powerfully and playfully set up a living space for numerous purposes. Sectionals are traditionally U-shaped or L-shaped and can be either joined or pushed together to create the ideal shape for a definite space.

Stay True To Your Aesthetics

Sometimes the beautiful is bizarre. Come what may, necessity, personal preference, and your overall aesthetics will be the deciding factor on your furniture mainstays. Let the room speak to create a distinct atmosphere that sets the mood. Both sofa offerings are suitably charming, cozy, and contemporary.

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