Paving the Way

More widely known for its strong and lasting nature as foundations and sidewalks, today’s concrete has expanded its persona and is being used for a myriad of exciting purposes.

There are so many things being made with concrete today ideal for those who love minimalist modern design. From concrete pendants and lamps, to night stands and dining tables, to concrete houses, this low-cost, high-value material is paving the way to timeless and versatile interior and exterior designs.

Concrete as a construction material has the potential to be molded into nearly any shape—both sharp geometrics and curvilinear ones. It is also considered a smart building material in keeping with other enviro-friendly elements used today.

With such a versatile nature, it’s no wonder we are witnessing such a rise in popularity resulting in practically endless concrete designs available on the market. To give you an idea of the possibilities, we’ve curated the most up-to-date information on concrete creations available from homes to furniture.

Concrete Architecture

Hardy and uber-robust, sealed concrete can withstand the ravages of time and harsh weather. It makes an ideal choice especially for those souls passionate about minimalism and modern design. It can flow from exterior walls into the structure’s interior without hesitation.

In addition to being smart and versatile, concrete has high thermal mass, meaning it takes less energy spent to heat and cool, requires less energy to produce and emits low levels of CO2.

This inviting modern apartment in England was reimagined and configured using concrete by Inside Out Architecture making it a lofted open space without seeming cold and unwelcoming.

Concrete Furniture

Today’s concrete furniture comes in all shapes and forms with a wide range of finishes. You’ll find examples of concrete furniture in our online shop.

Most concrete is fiber reinforced, and sealed for a lighter weight yet durable surface. Many furniture styles made from concrete are versatile and durable making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Concrete tables come in round, square and rectangular shapes in a variety of styles for suitable for every room including occasional, dining, living, bedroom and office tables. Many designs are all concrete, but some, like our popular 5' Round Concrete Dining Table shown here. You’ll find dining tables, occasional tables, console tables and coffee tables—all in cool concrete.

Concrete seating includes stools and benches with most being terrific for everyday use in kitchen and living areas while being softened by use of wood seat or leather cushion. These designs, like our Bronx Concrete Adjustable Stool, are as functional as they are charming.

Concrete Home Décor & Lighting


For spaces with no concrete structural elements, larger items such as concrete dining tables, console tables or kitchen islands make exciting additions to any minimalist, modern or eclectic decor. Peppering in other concrete décor items melds well such as a pendant lights over the bar, table 

The Jonah Concrete Base Lamp is just such an item with light gray concrete base course gray linen shade and polished nickel blends effortlessly in any room.

Concrete Canvas in Decor

As for the aesthetics and function, the look of concrete doesn’t have to appear cold and harsh. Concrete makes a wonderful canvas for creating an inviting warm space with richly finished and natural woods, soft textures, eye-catching textiles and rugs, and pops of color.

For those working with concrete walls and/or floors, we suggest forgoing the use of large amounts or pieces of concrete furniture instead softening the swaths of concrete with fabric or leather seating, warm wood tables and accent pieces then adding a touch of concrete with lighting or decorative bowl in colored concrete.

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