How To Introduce Industrial Style Into Your Space

There are many ties in life that incessantly bind—and many walls between that perpetually divide. In the space between, you can find open spaces. This is where opportunities lie, where imagination is the only limiter of possibilities. In interior design, trends are often the ties between past and present aesthetics. One notable trend that brings back a pragmatic design age is known as industrial-chic.


The industrial approach is fundamentally timeless—a lifestyle choice as purposefully engineered as its aesthetic is within creative spaces. This look suits a variety of eras and homes outside of factory settings and city dwellings. The industrial style is not clear-cut conservative nor covertly concealed. Rather, this iconic look is about displaying the internal parts of a building in external spaces for all to see. Let’s take a closer look at a few simple ways to introduce industrial style into your space.

Embrace Raw Tones and Refined Textures

With architectural roots, a warehouse conversion look is not at all mundane, flat, or one-dimensional. By virtue, the look is naturally rugged. Industrial style is an organic mix of colors, materials, and textures—think about varied, earthy accents and steel and iron tones that provide breadth and amplitude. Metals, reclaimed woods, distressed leathers, and exposed bricks are the go-to here, but industrial is also a style that’s easily adaptable to how eclectically “industrial” you desire to go. Your materials and decorative choices will determine emotive softness over sternness. Mix and match modern details with industrial charms for a one-of-a-kind functional space.

Find the Right Lighting: Big, Bare, and Bold

One way to introduce industrial style into your space is with an orthodox interpretation of factory illuminance. Besides accent walls or fireplaces, lighting is a very favorable feature of open, industrial-inspired rooms. Many popular lighting features that lit up bygone factories were big and bold for practicality. Now, they are imperative for design aesthetics—numerous modern manufacturers design lighting fixtures with industrialism in mind. Choose a scheme that most suits your preference and interiors. Industrial spaces look their best with a bit of distinct character, quirk, or individuality to breathe simplicity in a refined manner.

Furnishing Selections: Keep Proportional To Scale

A rising boom of furniture designers and manufacturers are steadily embracing the industrial design rebirth. You can find this reflected in bedroom and living room furnishings—oftentimes, pieces with minimal details and natural, sleek materials. An industrial interior requires practical features with clean lines, stark contrasts, and simple forms, not to mention appropriate scale to allow a free movement layout. Within an open concept, key furniture pieces should feel fully proportional to human scale.

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