Hardware Trends: Tips for Mixing Metals in Your Home

Hardware Trends: Tips for Mixing Metals in your Home

In The Lighthouse, Virginia Woolf remarked that “all the lives we ever lived and all the lives yet to be are full of trees and changing leaves.” Everything unequivocally changes in this world—nothing is meant to remain stagnant. We can see this clearly in our society, in culture, and in our very homes. Time and time again, design trends are akin to oscillating growth and the concept of endless possibilities. No one can necessarily outrun the rising sun, but everyone can smoothly go with the present flow.

The current flow of hardware trends revolves around mixed metals. Mixed metals, you may wonder? Why now and why, perhaps, for your own home? This hardware finish trend has been on the design scene for years but requires proper execution for cohesive results. For your consideration, let’s take a closer look at the rules of hardware trends: tips for mixing metals in your home.

Limit Metals to Three or Less per Area

First and foremost, consider the rule of three with hardware trends. Out of all the tips for mixing metals in your home, sticking closely to this magic number tops the list. Eclectic style is one design facet, but randomly mixing and matching dissimilar metals and finishes isn’t idealistic. You may achieve a bit of tacky extravagance that’s unsuitable for your cohesive design. Instead, select a primary foundation metal and work around that choice with two or three contrasting accents. Vary mixed metals from room to room within your interiors but keep one selective set per area.

To achieve a refined balance, be cognizant of varying hues and tones for bolder dimensions. Similar-hued tones work wonderfully together, but so do dark and light colors for an alluring diversity. Warm and cool tones, such as gold or chrome with silver, offer visual variation for a unique yet timeless appearance.

Always Keep Texture in Mind

Besides mixing and matching diverse metals, consider an additional alternative: coordinating color-family materials and different textures. That slight but visible variation can be a subtle sheen that creates enough visual interest to draw the eye in. Your design potential is limitless with smooth, polished, hammered, brushed, antique, matte, or shiny finishes. That being said, select texture variations with tact and care to keep an intentional, commanding look. Make no mistake—each design choice should appear deliberate.

Coordinate With Other Space Materials

The idea of the mixed-metal trend isn’t to pigeonhole a set space. Any variation of hardware should complement the surrounding interior. Your choice of mixed metals must work with the materials within a room. Let furnishings and décor pieces ultimately influence the metals you choose.

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