Functionality: The Basics of Scandinavian Design

When one thinks of Scandinavian design, minimalism and functionality always come to mind. Having risen to prominence in the early 1950s, it's a design movement that continues to grace furniture and textures with its understated simplicity. Scandinavian elements work best when a homeowner wants to display an open, modern space that prioritizes comfort and practicality. You can incorporate some of these timeless elements into your home by learning the basics of Scandinavian design.

Neutral Palette for All Seasons

Scandinavian design features neutral shades like whites, greys, and tans to provide a clean look. However, pops of blue and other bold hues catch the eye when incorporated in moderation.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is the best way to accentuate a space. By using it deftly, you can make rooms appear larger and brighter. Light bounces off of white walls best and can illuminate darker areas within a room at any given time.

Decluttered Space

Scandinavian homes don’t exhibit copious amounts of décor or furniture items, as the original rooms that adhered to this style were usually too small to have such things. A space free from clutter is the norm within this style as a result. Storage is also a priority.

Wood Accents

Functional wooden furniture is often part of the Nordic style, as the pieces are sturdy and last a lifetime. Wood furnishings exhibit elegance and versatile craftsmanship. They can create the ultimate form of self-expression and luxury when paired with soft rugs and textiles like linen.

Decorative Plants

Botanicals breathe life into an area. They also provide a vivid contrast to the muted tones utilized in Scandinavian design. Moreover, plants offer a natural pop of color that complements the wooden accents already introduced within the interior theme.

Minimal Amount of Furniture

Scandinavian design focuses on its two most essential principles: simplicity and practicality. Often, walls are bare, and empty spaces are physically welcoming to emphasize the idea that less is indeed more. Given its adoration of wood, the style features many wooden pieces with clean, simple lines and fabrics.

Touching upon the basics of Scandinavian design is essential when incorporating pieces to create a cozy, balanced, and calm space. It’s the perfect combination of modernism and sleekness, with a touch of softness. Scandinavian design continues to influence many interior design elements we use today.

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