Contemporary Living: How To Decorate With a Neutral Palette

Out of all the adjectives we could use to describe a person, place, or thing, lukewarm is no good. Not in a good cup of coffee, not in benevolent relationships, and certainly not in a revivifying bath. Something that’s somewhat warm, that showcases little sentiment, or lacks true enthusiasm isn’t something that’s altogether favorable. Rather, playing it safe is a bonafide tragedy stuck between potential and prosperity.

In interior design, a neutral palette holds a similar concept in its hands. “Boring neutrals” is a cringeworthy phrase in the making. Despite recent trending popularity, neutrals get a bad rap in contemporary style for their supposedly lackluster appeal in décor and decoration. Needless to say, individuals either utilize a paler palette erroneously or unbecomingly without the right balance of tones and textures. For clarification, let’s examine the fundamentals of contemporary living: how to decorate with a neutral palette.

Lean Toward Monochromatic Undertones

Neutrals are unequivocally timeless and enduring. Generally speaking, a multitude of people may assume that neutral colors solely include whites and beiges. This is certainly not the case in design. Neutrals encompass a wider palette of hues and colors, including grays, browns, blues, and greens. Ergo, neutral never needs to be bland—a plethora of shades are applicable to dial into an identifiable mood.

What makes a color a neutral is its visible presence, so to speak. Essentially, a neutral is any color that does not add instantaneous personality. Rather, this shade creates a supportive backdrop in a space. Utilizing the undertones of a neutral color to create a monochromatic appearance is an adept aesthetic solution. Since undertones can either be warm or cool, achieving a suitable tonal balance with decoration is key to create a clean and calming demeanor.

Textures Are Absolutely Essential

How to decorate with a neutral palette is truly about personal preference and taste, but a neutral-filled room can be every bit as intriguing as one splattered with color. Within neutral interiors, texture is the equivalent mood-maker to color savviness in bolder rooms. A refined contemporary living interior requires this quality of texture—including shape, material, and form—to generate lively coherence. Spaces that lack accosting vivid shades and pompous prints are nevertheless ravishing with a complementary selection of textured décor items and materials.

Contrast and Combos: Dynamic Harmony

Contrast and tension are, by all means, a crucial necessity in neutral spaces—especially quieter rooms. Consider utilizing varied wood tones, touches of patterns, and bits of black and metallic for spirited consonance. The ideal method to cultivate contrast is through a combination of furniture. Furniture pieces within neutral interiors are features that should speak entirely for themselves.

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